Consultor Finland Oy is a reliable and customer-oriented Finnish IT services company. We help our customers in their IT projects in different roles by providing expertise to ensure high quality and efficiency. The company has been founded in 2004. Our services are designed to help our customers succeed.

Consultor’s customer base mainly consists of large organizations on both public and private sectors. Consultor has grown throughout its existence, and the company’s financial condition is stable. According to the credit ratings the company’s profitability, liquidity and capital adequacy are very good. The basic information about Consultor is shown on the table below.

Consultor in a nutshell

Business ID 1923859-6
Founded 2004
Turnover 2012 4,1 MEur
Turnover 2011 3,3 MEur
Location  Vantaa, Finland
Ownership Owned by the management
Credit information AAA (Suomen Asiakastieto),
AAA (Dun & Bradstreet) 


Consultor has a strong own expertise and we strengthen it with a wide network of partners. This ensures that the customer can find the best possible expert or a team to carry out the projects. Our goal is to act as our customers’ partner – we aim to this objective with high-quality and flexible services. Our service offering consists of project services, development services, and IT management services.

Consultor is a strong project management expert. We provide our customers with the following services; project management, project office, testing and quality assurance, project training and development, as well as agile consulting and deployment.

Consultor wants to develop the customers’ operations. We offer development services for our clients such as case management solutions, integration services and online services, e.g. Internet or intranet systems implemented to SharePoint and Liferay platforms.

With our IT management services, we help our clients for example in procurement processes. In the field of the IT management we offer services such as requirement specification, preparation and comparison of calls for tenders and preparation and audit of the contracts.