IT expert services for satisfied customers

We offer you Trusted and committed experts in information management, project management and system development.

Consultor Finland

Our task is to increase your company’s know-how. We offer understanding and insight, which help you get the flow of your everyday life and sleep better at night. We exist for you to succeed.

Information management

We help our customers develop advanced information management solutions. We deliver data warehouse and ETL solutions with several technologies, especially Microsoft Power BI, but also with other BI technologies.

Project management

Successful projects are managed correctly. Managing a demanding project along with one’s own work often leads to compromises either in the project or in one’s own tasks. From us, you can get everything from planning your project to its management, project training and development of project activities, as well as auditing.

System development

We offer development work both as an expert service and as total deliveries, which we maintain and support throughout the entire life cycle. We offer online services, electronic transaction and case management solutions and integration services

Information security

We support our customers in assessing digital security and meeting administrative and technical requirements. We also help in the development of risk management, cyber security, data protection, and business continuity.