System development & maintenance

We provide development work both as an expert service and as a comprehensive delivery service that we maintain and support throughout the life cycle. We provide online services, e-business and case management solutions as well as integration services

Case: online service for tax recipients

In the spring of 2019, the Tax Administration ordered from Consultor a team of consultants to implement an Online Service for Tax Recipients together with the Tax Administration staff.

This service provides information on tax revenues, on which they are based as well as information tax distribution. The site is used by Tax Recipients, i.e. the state, municipalities, parishes, Kela and taxpayer interest organizations, for tracking tax revenue accounts and for financial planning. The site is also used to some extent by the media and researchers. The site has about 600 regular users.

The revamped Tax Recipients Website is implemented by the Tax Administration’s Azure Cloud Service. The maintenance work on the service to be implemented consists of two areas, the potential annual maintenance needs and bug fixes for implementation, and the second part of the follow-up work on new reports or other features prioritized by the Tax Administration.